How To Combine PDF Files Online

Let's know now how to merge PDF files easily,

  1. Choose your PDF file by clicking on the Select Files option.
  2. After that, tap the Submit button.
  3. The combine has been completed. Just click on the Merge PDF button to download it.
Easy To Use

The tool's interface is as simple as it is also very easy to use in the same way. A detailed guide on how to use this online tool is already shared above. If you still have problems using the online tool after having the above guide, you can contact us.


By using this Merge PDF tool, you will be able to merge multiple PDF files at once. Even after merging, the file can be easily downloaded with one click. Also, the file that is combined in terms of quality will be completely quality.

All Device Supported

It doesn't matter which device you are using right now. This Merge PDF tool can work well on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC, and Tablet. Because this website is responsive design, you will be able to combine PDF files using any type of device you have.

Remove Files Automatically

We've already heard that a lot of people are complaining that all of their important files are stored when they merge files from websites. However, this kind of work is not done by this Merge PDF tool. You can easily combine files from here. Because both the file you provided and the combined file are automatically deleted, not stored.

Files Limitation For Merging

To merge PDF files, you will get a maximum limit of 10 MB. That means you can only upload files up to 10 MB for merging. Can't do more than that. This limitation system is designed to prevent spam. However, almost everyone within this limit can merge PDF.

100% Secure

This combine PDF tool has always been, and always will be, aware of security. This tool now has all kinds of security arrangements. That is, no personal data of any user will be leaked anywhere. It is also completely virus and malware-free.